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"Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to no one."

August 2022 - Haven't updated in SUPER duper long. Thanks for stopping by! :) 


✨ where are you now
hello beautiful
#🔼 NO WΔY_
thank you Jesus for this gorgeous weather & for my 2nd family members, such as _bommshin and _jsungk
the joy on my mom's face while she & my dad garden together is priceless
so undeserving. 😬 thank you all for loving me, through time • words • food • gifts • a comforting _
🌸🌺🌸 03.21
late night shenanigans after the Hawks-Pacers game. Still love you, Atlanta. Let's get 'em in game 7
there's beauty in the pursuit of an ultimate utopia of a life, but would we ever get there_ the worl
 Taylor Swift - Last Christmas
🍍 do you like piña coladas & getting caught in the rain_ ☔️ 05.jpg
#😻 national what day_ (Shoutout to my homies kaby + #BUSTArhymeź 🐶🐾🐶) 이쁜고등어새끼.  I love you, Brut
when your work week felt like three long & miserable af ones, gelato is an excellent idea
🍀 03.17
I love you forever and a day

Thank you &

see you soon!


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