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DIY: Happy Spring!

A week ago, I posted about how excited I was that spring was approaching. What better way to spend the ~*official*~ First Day of Spring with a few simple Easter & spring-themed DIY projects? Also, since I won't be here for Easter, and more honestly, because I'm a child at heart -- I decided to go ahead and make them now.

As a family of five who loves cooking and food, we go through eggs like crazy every week. I had some egg shells drying outside to prepare for one part of this project. Also, I liked that I was able to use whatever I had in my arts & crafts box; didn't have to buy any additional supplies, except for an egg dye kit. Oh, and as for the egg stands? Just used recycled water bottle caps. :)

DIY: Happy Spring!

FLOWER BUNNIES: These are my favorites out of the bunch. Quick doodles with a fine-tip permanent marker and colored pencils on clean & empty egg shells, with bunny ear headbands, and tiny flowers placed inside -- and voila!

SEQUINS: These are so fun and easy to use -- sprinkled a bunch of them with glue, on a dry & dyed egg for this one.

BABY CHICK: This cutie was made by simply painting an egg yellow and then drawing in a pair of eyes & an orange nose with markers.

EGG DYE: Instead of the traditional dip and dye for Easter eggs, I purchased a kit that included these mini plastic bags. You place a boiled egg in each bag, pour some dye in it, and gently shake the bag until the egg is fully colored.

TIE-DYED: For these, I placed a few pink and yellow drops on top of the eggs. Then, I let gravity do its thang and let the dyes drip down to the sides. It created this beautiful tie-dye effect.

MELTED CRAYONS: To make these groovy colorful eggs, I sprinkled the tops of them with crayon shavings when they just got done with boiling (after I dried them, of course.) The heat naturally melted the crayon bits and colored the eggs.

TWINE: This one is pretty self-explanatory... hehe. Wrapped a long string of my favorite twine around an already-dyed egg for this one.

AND last but not least, just for funsies -- created a carrot garden for these cute, but nasty, I-wish-I-can-like-them bunny peeps. I almost always buy these yearly...for decoration and never for consumption. Hehe.


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