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RECIPE: Poke Bowl

Eeek, say hello to my new favorite dish! Super duper easy & so healthy. If I could, I'd eat this errday. I didn't know the high popularity of this dish, which originally stems from Hawaii, I believe? A quick search on it on social media, and it seems like the west coast is poppin' with poke bowls. Keep up the good work, America.

I love love LOVE salmon, so this recipe is heavily focused on it. I kinda went ham when I was buying fish, and had a LOT of salmon left over after making this for lunch... which I quickly devoured during dinner, hehe.

Poke Bowl Recipe

Serving Size: 6 | Time: 1 Hour, with prep


・ Sushi grade salmon (I purchased 4 slabs that were maybe 6"x 2" x 1")

・ Sushi grade tuna (I purchased 1/2 a pound)

・ Broccoli greens (similar to alfalfa sprouts)

・ Seaweed salad (I got mine from Whole Foods)

・ Shredded lettuce (Romaine works best, but any is fine)

・ Avocados

・ Crab meat

・ Rice mixed with 1 tbsp vinegar

・ Black sesame seeds

・ Julienned cucumbers, fish roe (masago), shredded carrots: other optional toppings

For the sauce:

・ 1/4 cup soy sauce

・ 1 tbsp vinegar

・ 1 tbsp sesame oil

・ 2 tsp olive oil

・ Sliced green onions

・ 2 cloves minced garlic


1. Cut fish into cubes and pour into a bowl with all of the sauce ingredients. Mix well and set it aside.

2. Get rice prepared by mixing in small amount of vinegar. Set aside.

3. Get all vegetables cut and washed thoroughly.

4. Create your bowl and add desired toppings! Add black sesame seeds on top for the final touch.

5. Make spicy mayo for an added kick - 1 part mayo + 1 part sriracha sauce.

No real rule or protocol to follow or anything. Just like an upgraded chirashi bowl / 회덮밥 / a pescatarian-friendly burrito bowl, if you will. SO. STINKING. GOOD.


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