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May?! Whoa.

Hello to all!

April has been single-handedly the most eventful & busy month so far this year. (I ain't complainin' bout it though -- I love being busy!) My lack of new entries on my blog make me put my head down in shame, since I had a personal goal of at least having 1 per week -- oops!

Quick recap:

I should have started off April with 10 consecutive days off of work for Spring Break, with no real solid plans -- because I like to be spontaneous from time to time. However, April 1st, like a real joke, consisted of my emergency room visit. Days of staying hydrated and poppin' Tylenol/Advil every 3 hours later (as directed by the nurse,) I felt better. In fact, I decided to go visit my family & my home state of New York and booked a flight for the remainder of Spring Break. (I don't know why, but I always capitalized Spring Break.)

New York / New Jersey trip was super nice, relaxing, and much-needed. How fortunate am I to be from such a great place! A part of me will always be in New York. How blessed am I to still have family there, and a home to stay at. <3 <3 <3 :) I ate a lot, but still stuck to my "h20 + eat AT LEAST a handful of veggies daily" regime. Whatevs. It's vacay, right?! Some friends were also visiting NY from out-of-town, and though it was short, it was definitely a sweet time of fun. More on that later, whenever I decide to start my upcoming Travel Recap blogs, tehe.

Usually in April, I go to my two must-go spring festivals: Dogwood & Inman Park. I missed them both this year, (Dogwood, bc of NY + Inman, bc of weather) but it was also nice to do different things for a change.

Inbetween all that, and a Hawks game, lovely fam time, relaxing & good convos at the river, watching the goofiest movie at an artsy theater, eating cookies inside a car while it rains, lots + lots of tacos, having one-on-ones with friends, April was a good one for sure.

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