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Hi 2017.

Taken from my Instagram on December 30th, 2016:

"2016. What was confirmed: I have a God who loves me & provides. I'm blessed with the best family & friends who love me deeply. Most importantly, *I* love me, after learning to fully love myself. Letting go of toxic remnants of my past def made my spirits soar + goodness prevail even further. I started & ended each day with thanksgiving and a smile on my face. Looking back, I honestly can't think of any "bad day" I had this year; only good + greater ones.😊 • had a goal to travel somewhere once a month- ✈️TN, TX, WA, NY, NY, TX, FL, St. Simons, TX, NY, ✨KOREA✨✔️As someone who values experiences > materialism, I'm glad all this happened. ty Jesus for everything. farewell 2016🍾 #blessingsonblessingsonblessings #안녕2016"


LONG TIME NO UPDATE! It's now (well into) the new year and here I am. This website and blog has always been on the back of my mind, but I wasn't able to update it in a long time. Oops.

Traveling last year was awesome. Especially KOREAAAAA. x) It opened all my senses to experience new places, with the foods I got to try, sights I got to see, sounds I heard, etc.

Going forward, this year, my focus is my health. I want to be the best me that I can possibly be. Not just a matter of toning certain parts of my body or losing a few pounds here and there -- I want to be healthy from the inside out.

2017 will be about nurturing this wonderful and healthy body I've been given by the good Lord above. A healthy body = longer, fruitful life I can live to glorify His name.

Bye, blog. I'll be back shortly. I hope.

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