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Hi, April.

Yesterday, April 1, was the first time I had to get admitted to the ER. I couldn't help but laugh at my misfortune, especially on April Fool's Day.

Being the first born, there's this natural pride that comes with that territory. We are expected to be the strongest, smartest, most successful sibling, almost always. I don't like to show my weakness, especially when it comes to my health. I'm proud to say that that's one of the aspects I like about myself -- my strong will, no bullshit, no fake illness, etc. Like, when I'm sick, I'm sick. I've never felt this sick in my whole life, ever.

Per my PA-to-be friend's recommendation, I scrambled to find an urgent clinic around 9pm. Thankfully, I live right across from a major hospital and off I went, being driven by my loving mom.

We waited for what seemed like forever for two hours for my flu test results. My sister came by later and accompanied me further. 102.3 degrees + body aches all over = "Sorry, sweetie. You have the flu" is what the nurse greeted me with at 11:00pm.

After they fed me all these pillz, I was finally discharged. My sister's bf bought a green tea roll cake as a get-well-soon gift. Thought that was so sweet. Also, my dad kept calling all throughout the night, constantly asking how I was doing, if I had to stay overnight, etc. With my mom and sister there with me, I felt so reassured and loved. How lucky am I to have an overflowing amount of love? :)

As of now, 24 hours later, my fever drastically got reduced. Still taking meds every three hours as directed, drinking lots + lots of water, and still at disbelief at the luck I've encountered, getting sick during spring break. At least it's not during the school year, when I'd have to miss work. Also, at least it wasn't during my weekend trip to Seattle last week.

So incredibly loved. So incredibly lucky.


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