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Eek, hi!

Apologies for the lack in blog entries, but hi! I'm back for a bit. :)

Since the last time I blogged, I:

-went on a last minute trip to NY with my sister. Even better with one of my fav people in the world!

-started a familiar yet unfamiliar position

-turned 28!

-started to actively reach out to old faces & spend quality time with everyone. <3

-realized how much I've grown as a person in just a short amount of time, hehe

-realized how BLESSED and THANKFUL I am to feel so happy & free. I've never embraced my singlehood THIS much as I do now, and I've always had enjoyed it for the longest time.

With that said, a lot of thoughts have been racing through my brain. If not now, when? kind of things. One of them including working in a completely different & foreign place. I'm so comfortable at the moment with where I am. I want to challenge myself and run into problems to solve, and grow even further. Time to break out of my comfort zone, and I mean it forreal this time.

I have a huge heart and mind full of confidence, that I've never had before. I'm motivated and inspired by many of my peers around me, who are leaving their comfortable nests to add another chapter to their lives. (Hi, friends!)

Nothing is set in stone, as of YET, which is why I'm not publicly sharing this post with friends. Only those of you who randomly decided to come & check my website/blog for whatever reason know thisssss. Consider yourself special, bahaha.

Praying praying praying. I hope whatever happens will only glorify my Lord.


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